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Statutory Credit Report
The Statutory Credit Report service lets you access your credit report online. See your credit files online free here with Statutory Credit Report.

If you are a business user, and require business credit reports and company credit ratings, you need look no further. With a database covering all UK businesses your credit control solution is available online 24/7.

You can get online business reports about any UK company including sole traders and partnerships, with credit ratings and risk assessment.

Your Statutory Credit Report - Free
For UK persons 2 Statutory Credit Report can be 2 or free and shows you your own credit report online

Business Credit Report Services
Get a Business Credit Report online now

We can also provide an overseas credit report through agents in well over 100 countries world-wide.
Probably one of the quickest ways to see your statutory credit report online, you just put in your details and confirm your address and in moments your report is there. 10/10

My 2 Statutory Credit Report
The fee of 2 is set by legislation, but some credit agencies are allowing consumers to access their files free. The 2 fee was originally set to enable credit reference agencies to cover their costs in providing people with access to their credit report. The credit agency would accept written applications by post, and then had to verify and confirm that the person asking to see the credit report was indeed the subject of the credit report. They would sometimes send a letter back to the address they have on file asking for confirmation from the subject, and only then could they send out a copy of the persons credit report. All this was clearly time consuming, so now the credit agencies provide the service online.

The 2 fee for a statutory credit report was not profitable for the credit agencies, but they are still required to offer the service, although they may also offer free access in some cases.

  • The statutory credit report is available online as well as by post
  • The 2 credit report is the statutory fee
  • The fee was not decided by the credit reference agency but is set by legislation  
Credit Report Services...
See Your Credit Report
You can see your own personal credit report and see the financial data being shown about you
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Credit Score Watch
After seeing your statutory credit report you can be alerted to changes in your credit file
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Business Credit Report
Financial controllers and small business managers can get a UK business credit report online
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What will my statutory credit report reveal?

The UK credit reference agencies collect and collate public and financial data to produce the credit reports and credit scores which lenders use to assist them in making their credit decisions. The credit reports are used by authorized lenders to help them to make decisions about whether to give someone credit or whether to ask for more information before they can reach a decision. As a UK consumer you have a legal right to access your personal credit information by say of your statutory credit report. This is a legal right set down by legislation, and you can request your statutory credit report for 2. The credit report is then posted to you within 7 working days of receipt of the request and payment. It is your statutory rights to receive a copy of your statutory credit report within 7 working days of the credit agency receiving your written request and payment; you can dispute inaccurate information on your credit file and request that any errors are corrected within 28 days. Your rights under the Data Protection Act mean that the credit agency must charge you 2 for each request you make for your statutory credit report, although credit agencies are also providing free access.

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